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2022 Season

Parents, Players and Friends:

Intro: My name is Matthew Baglio and I am the current president of the Trumbull Youth Lacrosse Association. It is my privilege and honor to serve the local community and the sport of Lacrosse.

I wanted to get a note out to each of you to highlight some of the amazing things the TYL program is putting into place to ensure the best experience possible for our children for 2022 and beyond.

For those of you that do not know me, I have lived in Trumbull for the past 6 years and have been coaching both boys and girls since then. In addition, I have spent the last two years as part of the TYL board. I have two children that both play TYL on the boy’s fifth grade team and girl’s third grade team. My wife Jennifer is a second-grade teacher at Jane Ryan elementary school, and we live in the Nichols section of town. I graduated from Fairfield University where I played division one lacrosse and I am also the current president of the Friends of Fairfield Lacrosse group.

Registration: Registration is currently opened and will be opened until Mid-March. We are encouraging people to sign up earlier by 2/15/2022 to avoid any late fees. Prior to registering for TYL, you will need to register to US Lacrosse and receive a US Lacrosse number. This covers our insurance for the sport as well as helps with the background checks of our coaches and members. There are merit-based scholarships available for those in need. Please reach out to   for information.

Fees: This year will you see some moderate increases to fees for several reasons and I want to ensure you are aware of what these are for.

Practice pinny

Helmet decals

Referee fees

Field time

Paid Coaches



New Board: Historically the TYL board was run by a small group of volunteers. What we have found is that as our program has grown, we needed to grow the board. In addition, we have added a number of volunteers to help execute on our visions. I would like to formally introduce you to our board and volunteer members.

Matt Baglio: President

Rodney Arganese: Co-Head of Boys

Pat Tutek: Co-Head of Girls (Outgoing)

Tony Vallance: Operations

Rob Leiphart: Treasurer

Andy Stockfish: Co-Head of Boys

Maggie Mulchay: Co- Head of Girls (Incoming)

Mike Steeger: Operations

Elena Kaloudis: Secretary

Kara Giacobbe: Communications and social media

Tom McShane: Co-Head of Girls (Incoming)

Ryan Rodriguez: Operations


Christine Wadhams: Communications and social media




Curriculum: As our kids go through the TYL program each year, we expect them to reach various milestones with their development. These levels are not set in stone but should be used as a benchmark to assess players development, but also to hold coaches accountable. (For example, by the time a student is in second grade, they should be able to catch, throw, scroop, cradle, and shoot consistently). The TYL board is in the process of drafting our curriculum which will be shared with parents and coaches once completed.

Paid Coaches: To continue to stay competitive and consistent with our neighboring towns and programs, the TYL board has agreed to pay for coaches for grades 5th-8th.  In addition to the paid coaches, we still encourage parent volunteers to act as assistant coaches. There may be certain circumstances where a paid coach is not as qualified as a volunteer and that will be assessed on an as needed basis.

Field Space: TYL will be practicing and playing on three main fields: McDougal, Cork, and Indian Ledge. In addition, we may experiment with playing on some grass fields if the weather permits. TYL has been working with the town of Trumbull to procure a field that is 100% dedicated to the sport of lacrosse. We are very excited about this opportunity and will communicate as we progress

Uniforms: During registration, if you need a uniform, you will be able to order one from lax.com directly. Please try on your uniform from previous years to ensure they still fit.

Apparel: We have received some feedback with regards to the TYL apparel store and some of the difficulty with ordering, sizing, and delivery. We are working with additional providers outside of lax.com to see if they have better options that will suite our needs. We will communicate apparel options once we have that.

Equipment: Each year there are various equipment changes that we need to adhere by to play Lacrosse. For 2022, all Boys will need to wear EKG certified shoulder pads. In addition, all goalies, boys and girls will need to wear EKG certified chest protectors. TYL will provide certified chest protectors for all our goalies. EQUIPMENT RULESParents will need to supply their boys with EKG certified shoulder pads.

Equipment Day: In the early spring, we are going to have a dedicated TYL equipment day where several of our local suppliers will come and showcase the latest equipment. Kids will be able to try on equipment, see the latest technology and TYL will have a discount code to purchase any equipment.

Social Media/Marketing: The best way to grow any sport is word of mouth. We encourage you to try and recruit your child’s friend and family to participate in the sport. In addition, TYL will be re-focusing our website design, social media presence, and communication with our members. Please stay tuned for some great upgrades to our engagement with the community.

Code of Conduct: In addition to being part of the US Lacrosse and CONNY Lacrosse associations, the TYL board has implemented a Code of Conduct that all players, coaches, parents, siblings and participants at TYL sporting events will need to adhere by.

COVID: We are continuing to follow the CDC and COVID guidelines for the state and will communicate any updates to parents.

Parents/Volunteers: As part of TYL, our goal is for our players, parents and coaches to have an amazing experience. If you have any recommendations, questions, or concerns with our program, we are encouraging you to reach out and provide your feedback. Please feel free to email me at 

by posted 12/21/2021
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2022 Season
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Amity - Amity  -- 
Indian Ledge - Turf - #1 - Trumbull OPEN (9/25) 
Indian Ledge - Turf - #2 - Trumbull OPEN (9/25) 
Kaechele Park - #3 - Trumbull OPEN (9/25) 
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