TYL is a Trumbull based volunteer, not-for-profit organization.


Trumbull Youth Lacrosse

Player Recognition Policy

It is the philosophy of TYL that players should be encouraged and motivated through appropriate awards for recognition.  As such, only players that have not previously been selected for an award shall receive consideration.  If the number of awards/recognition that is made available to TYL is based on the number of teams, then each team will be permitted to nominate/select a player.  The coaches of each team should make player selection for any team-based awards/recognition.  

Player selection criteria should be consistent with the philosophy of TYL.  Therefore, unless the award specifically states the criteria the following selection criteria should be applied.

  • Contribution:  Player made a significant contribution to the overall success of the team
  • Leadership:  Player took on a leadership role and was respected by his/her teammates
  • Attitude:  Player was positive, coachable, and hard working
  • Sportsmanship:  Player honored the game of lacrosse by demonstrating good sportsmanship and having respect for others.
  • Selflessness:  Player put the team above his/her own self interests, and made others around him/her better