TYL is a Trumbull based volunteer, not-for-profit organization.

The purpose of this policy is to define the exceptions and procedures that would allow any TYL player to be moved to team that is different than the one the player’s grade dictates (ex: allowing a child in 5th grade player to play on a 6th grade team).    
US Lacrosse Position Statement:
“Due to the increased potential for injury and lack of evidence supporting any benefit in the long-term development of a youth level player, US Lacrosse strongly discourages allowing children below 8th grade to “play-up”.
It is the policy of TYL that, subject to the exceptions listed below players are not permitted to play on a travel team outside the child’s grade level as defined by TYL for a given season.  In the case where a exception has been made no player may move up more than one grade level.
  1. When the parent is asked by TYL to coach a different team: If so desired by the parent-coach, a player may move up one grade level if the parent who is also a TYL coach is asked by TYL to coach a team that is different than the one the parent-coach’s child grade dictates.  (ex: If the parent of a 5th grader is asked to coach a 6th grade team) In the circumstance the child is permitted to play on the 6th grade team as an accommodation to the parent-coach. 
  1. When a coach of the older grade’s team extends an invitation to play in a game:  A player is permitted to play in a game for a team one grade level above if invited to by the coach of the older team.  The game must not interfere with the player’s grade appropriate team’s schedule.  Typically this is done when the older team is missing their regular players. 
  1. When approved by the TYL Board:  The TYL Board reserves the right to allow a player to move up a grade level permanently if requested by the parent/guardian, is agreed to by the appropriate TYL VP and TYL Coordinator, and approved by a majority vote of the TYL Board. 
  1. “Playing-Up” Request Procedure:  No requests will be considered until the player in question has registered, paid in full, and been assigned to an appropriate grade level travel team. Once that criterion has been met the following procedure must be followed.
    1. The player’s parent or guardian needs to make a formal request in writing to the appropriate TYL VP (Boys or Girls).  Request must include the rationale for why it is in the best interest of all parties to have the child play-up. 
      1. Should the appropriate level VP and/or Coordinator also be a coach of one of the impacted teams or the parent of the player, a Participating Board member(s) will be appointed by the TYL Trustees to take their role in the process.
    2. The appropriate TYL VP (boys/girls) along with the appropriate TYL Coordinator (boys/girls) will review to decide if a move it warranted.  Criteria used may be but not restricted to the following:
      1. Input from parent/guardian
      2. Players ranking and feedback from travel team evaluations. 
      3. Input from both head coaches of the impacted teams.
      4. Impact on team sizes
      5. Player’s size and maturity level
    3. If the appropriate TYL VP and Program Coordinator do not support the request, the request is denied. 
    4. If the appropriate TYL VP and Program Coordinator both support the parent’s request they will present to the TYL Board for formal approval.  Simple majority approves or denies the request.
      1. Any board members that are either the coach, or parent must abstain.
      2. Following the vote the TYL Board will provide formal written response of the final decision to the parent/guardian requesting the move
January 2014