TYL is a Trumbull based volunteer, not-for-profit organization.


Trumbull Youth Lacrosse

 Playing Time Policy

It is the objective of TYL to provide all players with the opportunity to have fun playing and learning the game of lacrosse, ensure that they feel they are contributing members of the their teams, improve as lacrosse players, and field teams that can compete within our league.  Sometimes this is a difficult balance to maintain, so if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact a member of the TYL organization.  The following is the official TYL policy on playing time.  

Practice and attitude matter. Players who make being a part of their team a priority by attending practices, working hard, trying their best, and showing respect for coaches, officials, opponents, and teammates will all get ample playing time.

House League Teams:

All players will play in all games.  

Amount of Playing Time:  Equal playing time for all players is the objective of all house league games.  Players that do not play on a travel team may be given more time than players that also play on a travel team.

Travel League Teams:

All players will play in all games.  

For teams that play in a “travel” league, the level of competition is higher.  As such, there is generally a correlation between ability and playing time. Game circumstances may impact playing time.  Each game is unique, and it is up to the coaches to assess the dynamics of a game and determine the correct personnel for each situation.