TYL is a Trumbull based volunteer, not-for-profit organization.



Who can play?  Trumbull Youth Lacrosse (TYL) is open to boys and girls who reside in Trumbull only.  Depending upon their birth year, TYL is open to children grades 2 through 8.  New participants are welcome to join TYL in any season. 
How do you register to play?  All registration and payment is done through the TYL website.  Each parent must register their child for each season they wish to participate.
What does my registration fee go towards?  The fee covers referees and officials, uniforms, team equipment (goalie equipment, goals, nets, balls cones, etc.), medical kits, insurance for all players and coaches, membership to U.S. Lacrosse for all players and coaches, as well as jamboree and tournament fees.
Does TYL supply equipment?  TYL does not provide equipment for the children; however TYL has a limited supply of used equipment to loan individuals in financial need. 
What equipment is required?  Required equipment for boys: stick, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, helmet, mouth guard and athletic supporter/cup. 
Required equipment for girls: stick and eye protection.
Where can I purchase equipment?  Equipment can be purchased from MacWear in Southport, Sports Authority in Bridgeport, Lacrosse Unlimited in Norwalk, ComLax in Norwalk, Dick’s and The Sports Authority in Milford.   Used as well as new equipment may also be purchased at Whitey Bensons in West Haven.
Does TYL supply uniforms?  For the Spring season (our primary season) all uniforms—jerseys and shorts—are provided by TYL at no additional cost to participants.  For the TYL Winter session, reversible pinnies are provided by TYL at no additional cost to participants.
How are teams divided?  Teams are broken into divisions by age or grade based on registration numbers. Acutal team structures will be based upon registration numbers and the skiflsl assessment scores.

Do all kids make a team?  THERE ARE NO CUTS. All children will make a TYL travel team or house team.
When does lacrosse season start?  Spring is the primary lacrosse season.   TYL also offers fall and winter lacrosse.  Fall lacrosse, is played on Sundays.  There generally are no games and the children work on their fundamentals as well as scrimmage amongst each other within their division. Winter lacrosse is held on Thursday or Friday evenings at the Trumbull SportsZone starting in January and running through March.  Like fall lacrosse, the children are not playing games against out of town teams but rather brushing up on their skills in preparation for the spring season.  As the season progresses, they will spend progressively more time scrimmaging each other.  
Does TYL offer Summer lacrosse? In the Summer of 2012 TYL started pick-up leagues for selected age groups in 2012.  With  coaching availability we hope to expand upon that for the Summer of 2013.
For Spring lacrosse, how many practices and games are there each week?  Most boys and girls will have practice two times a week with games on weekends.  Older children may practice an additional day and have games on weeknights as well.
Where are games played? Games are played against other town teams in and around Fairfield County with some travel involved. 
What age group should my child play in for the fall and winter seasons? The TYL homepage show the age divisions as mandated by our parent league- CONNY. The age brackets advance/change every June after the spring seasons come to a close. Generally speaking, children can always play up a division, but not down a division.

The fall and winter lacrosse seasons are very casual and we are not held to the strict CONNY guidelines as we are in the spring. While TYL encourages children to play in their appropriate age group in preparation for the spring season, parents may choose keep their child in a younger group for the fall and winter. However, doing so may ultimately do the child a disservice come spring.

How do parents and players keep abreast of what’s going on?  Check the TYL website:  http://www.tylacrosse.org for general information, schedules, cancellations, training tips etc.  During the season you can also contact your child’s coach or team parent.
What is TYL all about?  Launched in 2000, TYL is an all-volunteer organization with an all-volunteer coaching staff.  Many of our coaches played lacrosse at the high school and college levels.  At all levels, the primary goal of our coaching staff is to teach the game of lacrosse and to ensure your children have fun while learning and playing.
How can I become a TYL coach?  If you would like to become a coach within the TYL program, contact the President or Vice President.
What is U.S. Lacrosse?  The national governing body of men's and women's lacrosse. All players will become members of U.S. Lacrosse upon registering for the GYL programs. Their website is http://www.uslacrosse.org.